Meeting students from Ontario

Last Friday we had a fantastic virtual experience. Both 4 th forms gathered together in the multimedia room , and shared a skype session with a school from another country.

Neither our students,nor the foreign ones, had the slightest idea of who or where the others were that is why we played Mystery Skype! 

Like a kind of guessing game, each group, taking turns asked each other questions until both guessed their countries and correspondingl schools.

We discovered that our online friends were from a school in Ontario, Canada, 5th and 6th graders. We also learnt about their extreme weather, the sports that they practise , their traditional food and the subjects that they study at school. It was amazing to see our student searching in the planisphere, their location , while the visitors were giving clues about their geographical situation.

We are looking forward to having our next Skype connection, which will be about sharing opinions about “The Wild Robot”, a novel which both schools are reading within the GRA PROJECT.

See our students on screen as seen in Canada!

Congrats Miss Gaby R and Ceci M for joining in this project!

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